Help with Annoying Chrome Bug

This bug is driving me crazy. So crazy that I am forced to use another browser when teaching my class.

Let me see if I can explain clearly what is happening as it is quite strange.

I am checking out this tutorial on nettuts.

And I want to copy and paste some code. If you want to replicate the problem, open up chrome, go to the nettuts link above and copy an paste this code (screenshot below)
nettuts sample code

Paste that code into an IDE that will allow you to see hidden characters. I’ll use Dreamweaver for this example.

The following image shows the strange ‘o’ objects that are generated when cutting and pasting.

strange google chrome inserted characters

And if you view this page in the browser you will get this:
chrome showing strange characters

I use Dreamweaver to do a find and replace all of the strange ‘o’ characters (and I replace them with a normal ‘space’) and then my html page looks like this:
chrome with strange space characters removed

If anyone knows how to fix this in Chrome please let me know.

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  1. Hey,

    Did you ever figure out the solution to the Chrome bug, where it modifies hidden characters in HTML? It’s been making me crazy, and your post is the only one I’ve found related to it.



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