Saving MP3s on the Chrome browser

I‘m not sure if Chrome is fixing this to improve their experience but I can tell you that many times I clicked on a .mp3 link and it took me another page where the .mp3 song played. How can I download the darned thing? If I was in Firefox, I would click the link and it would download the .mp3.

I tried to find a site with a decent free .mp3 download. I found this cover song by Jonsi. But even on Chrome, it works with one click. It has a pop up that tells you to right click but you don’t need to. I thought it was some JavaScript magic, so I turned JavaScript off and it still worked. I thought I was going crazy so I looked for another .mp3 link.

I found this page: and when I tried to download Radiohead’s Creep .mp3 I was taken to another page and heard the song. This is the exact problem that drives me and millions of others batty. The solution is easy but wasteful. You have to right click on the link and choose ‘Save Link As‘.

It should be simple right? Why are they burdening us with an extra click? I don’t think its something to start a revolution over… or is it?

Chrome. The people have spoken. After clicking twice, please respond.

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