WordPress 500 internal error

Yes, it’s not a great error to see. The good news is it can be fixed rather quickly. The bad news is you have to try to wrap your head around file/folder permissions. This post is to help speed up that process and get your WordPress site up and out to the masses.

If you log into your shared hosting cpanel you can go to the File Manager and you will see a column named ‘Perms’

file permissions

Sometimes you may get a 500 error page when you try to load your WordPress site in the browser. Many times this has to do with Permission problems on the file.

In the cpanel you can open the server error log and you might see something like:

permission error

You see that the error is ‘is writable by group’

I know it’s a pretty lame error but it just means you have to change the file permissions on those files. Click on the files in the file manager and click the ‘Change Permissions’ button. Uncheck the checkbox under Write group and it will change the file from 0664 to 0644.

Now if you do that for each file in the error log, you should see your WordPress page load up.

A Faster Solution

A fast way would be SSH into your remote box and recursively change the folder and file permissions using this magical line of code

chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX,go-w .

Why does this happen?

It happens every time I add WordPress using WP-CLI.

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