86 The Flash MP3 Player on your Site and use this free HTML5/Jquery video/mp3 player

The exodus away from Flash is slowly occurring like a slow moving traffic accident. Because the Internet is so fast (or we think it is) we would think change happens fast. If this is true explain this. IE6 is the worst browser in the world and yet over 20 percent of China still uses it.

We have browsers that are auto upgrading to newer versions and this is making things better but items that are now obsolete will take a very long time to die if they were ubiquitous around the web. Some version of Flash is on almost 99% percent of the world’s computers and yet it is dying. Firefox was my favorite browser and now I scream if I accidentally open it.

So if your site has a flash mp3 player embedded inside it, consider the future of your site and switch out that SWF file with this free video/mp3 HTML5/Jquery player.

See the demos here.