Favorite Firefox Plugins

There are a lot of Firefox plugins out there. Here are ones I use a lot:

  1. Firebug
  2. Web Developer
  3. CoolIris
  4. MeasureIt
  5. ColorZilla

I have a short video below of these plugins in action:

Using My Favorite Firefox Plugins

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CoolIris tutorial

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If you don’t know how to install plugins, watch this video.

Redondo Beach Dead Fish

Today started like a normal Tuesday. I was reading the paper and my phone for the latest news. I saw that the latimes.com had a story about dead fish in Redondo Beach. Not just one or two but millions of dead fish. I decided to check it out.

The police had blocked off parts that showed the most dead fish. There were lots of people with their cameras and I found an eerie silence. No one really knew what to make of what they were seeing. I’ve read about mass killing of birds and fish, and even blogged about it, but being there and seeing it with my own eyes was a totally different experience. I only had a camera phone to capture the shots and videos.