Altering the Default Dreamweaver Spry Folder Structure

So you are working with Dreamweaver and Spry and you want to change the default folder structure. Dreamweaver, by default, will create a folder called ‘SpryAssets’ and it will drop it in your site root. I like to put all my site assets in certain folders. You could rename and move the default SpryAssets folder, but this video shows you a better way that will save you time and keep you organized.

Change Dreamweaver default document html type to HTML5

If you are using Dreamweaver and you are getting tired of converting all your HTML files to HTML5. Make life easier on yourself and set the default HTML file to HTML5.


  1. Control + U: This keyboard shortcut opens up your preferences dialog box.
  2. Under Category, select ‘New Document’
  3. Change the Default Document Type (DTD): dropdown to HTML5.

That’s it. Now when you create New HTML files, they’ll be HTML5.