Scrap the keywords meta tag

SEO tip

Here is an interesting article that talks about why it’s bad to use it. I just like that it’s one less thing I need for my page.

Here’s another article on the subject.

iTunes Life Saver

I was scrolling through my iTunes and saw this song by The Great Lake Swimmers that I marked as 5 stars. I clicked to play it and it said, sorry bozo but you are not authorized to listen to this song because you have already authorized it on 5 other computers? What!

I just gave up on these songs and considered them dead soldiers on my playlist.

Every now and then I would get inspired and search for a way to defeat the iTunes conspirators who stole back the song I bought.

I have a solution to this problem that is ridiculously simple. It is not my solution but one I found online and here is the link.

Oh and in case you want to hear that song:

HTML5 Boilerplate

Start with a template

You are building a site in HTML5 but your not sure where to start. Start here.

Watch the video.

It’s 40 minutes long and a bit slow at places but suffer through it as it is well worth your time. The talk on CSS and .htaccess is worth its weight in gold.

I also like this link (there are a lot of other useful links too):

Hope you learn from it,


Ok, this is a lot of information but this resource is a great place to get started on writing