Delete a git folder holding a meteor project

Tonight I was working on my home computer that had a local git repo of a meteor project. I had recently made changes on my laptop and moved my repo to another remote github. So tonight I just wanted to delete my git repo and I received this:

mymac at kingluddite-iMac in ~/Dropbox/meteor-stuff
$ rm -R microbook
override r--r--r-- mymac/staff for microbook/.git/objects/02/9e018c56db01c8aaa9e08c2f04144b8b5ed074? ^C

So I’ve been down this rabbit hole before. I end up having to delete a gazillion git files and I literally had to hit return a bazillion times. Doing this makes me feel silly. I just want to delete the folder.

Here’s how to do it:

Change into the directory:

$ cd my_project_folder

Or better yet you can delete all .git files with this

$ rm -rf .git*

Bit it also had meteor code so this happened when I then backed out of the directory (cd ../) and typed this:

$ rm -R my_project_folder

Here’s what I received in the terminal:

override r--r--r-- mymac/staff for microbook/.meteor/local/build/main.js? ^C

So now I have a bunch of meteor files to delete.

Delete them all with this terminal command:

rm -rf .meteor

I then can cd out of the directory (cd ../) and finally remove the folder with this command.

$ rm -rf my_project_folder

Congrats. You just did all that to delete a folder. (found how to do this here)

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