How do I transfer my domain from one host to another?

I had a domain at network solutions. I wanted to have all my domains under one umbrella just to keep myself organized. So I wanted to transfer my domain from network solutions to Namecheap. It is not a straightforward process as you just can’t push a button and the domain is transferred. You need to follow a someone intricate, somewhat pain in the #)@# process. Luckily hosts want your business so the good ones put on detailed instructions on how to transfer a domain to them. Here’s one such link transferring from network solutions to namecheap. Essentially, they all follow the same steps. You go to the site that has your domain currently, and you request a transfer. You wait 2-3 days until you get an email from that company and then take their authorization code and use in on the new company. There are a few extra steps in the middle but you catch my drift.

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