How to transfer a domain name to a new domain host

I had a domain at network solutions. I wanted to have all my domains under one umbrella just to keep myself organized. So I wanted to transfer my domain from network solutions to Namecheap. It is not a straightforward process as you just can’t push a button and the domain is transferred. You need to follow a someone intricate, somewhat pain in the #)@# process.

Luckily hosts want your business so the good ones put up detailed instructions on how to transfer a domain to them. Here’s one such link transferring from network solutions to namecheap.

Essentially, they all follow the same steps. You go to the site that has your domain currently, and you request a transfer. You wait 2-3 days until you get an email from that company and then take their authorization code and use in on the new company. There are a few extra steps in the middle but you catch my drift.

In my example, I logged into Network Solutions found my domain and clicked Turn Off or Request Authorization Code and clicked Save. I had to wait about a week until Network solutions sent me an email (slower than the usual 2-3 days). Then when I had my Authorization Code (in my email), I logged back into Network solutions, browsed to my domain name and clicked Turn Private Registration off (You will see it turn from Private to Public).

You then need to check the whois information for your domain to make sure the information is correct. Please pay specific attention to the Administrative email address, as the Transfer Verification email you will need to approve the transfer will be sent to this address. It is public now so you want to make this change and switch it back to private when you move to your new domain host. Otherwise, people will have access to your address, email, and phone.

Edit WHOIS is hard to see on Network Solutions.

Look for this:


Then you login to the domain hosting company you want to use, browse to their domains > transfer section (they should have documentation online showing you how to do this… if they don’t don’t use them). Then they’ll ask for your Authorization code (in my case the one Network Solutions emailed me) and then they’ll ask for the payment to transfer the domain and sign up with the new domain host. Namecheap charged me $9.69.

Had a slight usability problem with Namecheap.

bad interface

note It took me 4 times to figure out why I wasn’t getting to pay for my domain transfer. The reason is the gray bottom shopping cart needs to be clicked first. I saw the bright orange View Cart button and just kept clicking that first.

You then will get an email (usually within the hour) from your new host. There will be a link in that email you must click to accept them as your new domain host (aka the registrar of record).

And that’s it. You just transferred your domain.

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