MUP error with Meteor and Digital Ocean and it’s solution

If you are using MUP to deploy your Meteor app, you will run into an error if you don’t make a small change.

[cc lang=”javascript”]
// some code
“nodeVersion”: “0.10.36”
// some more code

Before deploying you need to change that number to at least “0.10.40”

By the time you read this blogpost, it will have changed to a higher number.

To remedy this always check the log file by running this in the terminal

Check Logs

[cc lang=”bash”]
$ mup logs -f

Then to make the changes on Digital Ocean’s virtual server do this:

Configure New Server Settings

[cc lang=”bash”]
$ mup setup

Then deploy

Deploy that sexy beast!

[cc lang=”bash”]
$ mup deploy

Fin. Done. Complete. Easy Peasy.

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