Fight Spam with a fake email

The other day I was reading a Forbes article that was talking about how much money the Heat owner made because he picked up Lebron and how much money the Cleveland owner lost by losing Lebron. I found two spelling mistakes and wanted to leave a comment. I can’t just leave an anonymous comment. They want me to sign up and that means they want my email. If they have my email, it means they could sell it to someone or they could email me stuff I don’t want. I need a fake email. But I can’t just make a fake email up, because they will send a confirmation link in an email to the email I provided. If I enter a fake email, I’ll never get the link to be able to enter my comment on the Forbes channel. All of this just to enter a comment. Crazy and convoluted I know.

So I searched online and found a site that will create a bogus email for me that will only work for as long as I want. I say just work for 2 hours. I give this company my email (and hope they don’t bombard me with stuff or sell my email) and they send me an activation link. I click that and it takes to a page where they give me a fake email for two hours. It will send all stuff sent to it to my real email address. Than in two hours the fake email self destructs like it would in a cheesy spy movie.

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