Is SEO dead?

Coffee shops can be a great place to pick up an idea. Two weeks ago I sat beside a Wedding Planner with two soon-to-be newlyweds. She was helping them plot out their special day in the Hamptons. The in-training wife had done her homework. She had lists of Jeff’s (her in-training husband) alcoholic relatives and other possible trouble makers. She had ideas for food and song lists. Jeff was very quiet. So quiet that the wedding planner asked for his input on something… anything. “Remember Jeff. This is your day too.” Jeff said that “whatever the love of my life says is good for me.” The wedding planner wasn’t having it. She said, “Jeff! Give me a song you want to hear as you walk into your wedding.” Jeff looked at his wife in training and she gave him an approving glance. Jeff nervously said, “Well, I always loved Kenny Logins ‘Danger Zoner”. The wife in training raised her objections and Jeff was silent for the rest of the meeting. Oh wow… I’m digressing here… I should be talking about how SEO is dead.

So today I hear a group at the coffeeshop talking about a site they are launching and the lead developer is asked about SEO and he says matter of factly that SEO is dead.

What? He’s crazy. No way! So I google and research a little and then I find some evidence to his claim. It appears that people are finding sites through social networking sites more and more.

To be honest, I am so tired of hearing about Facebook and social networking but the fact remains people are using them a lot now and we must deal with that. I think this will change in the near future but that’s another blog for another day.

So is SEO dead? Probably not but the way people find sites is changing fast and the marketing world is trying to play catch up like a dog chasing his tail.

As I ponder the future of SEO and possibly buying a Jack Russel terrier, my mind thinks back to Jeff and how his wedding went. I happen to also love that Kenny Loggins song.

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