Monetizing Your Site

Today I made the plunge into monetizing my content via youtube. The video below shows you how I did it.

To be honest, I hate ads with a passion. They should be called ‘subtracts’ rather than ‘ads’ because they take away more than they give. Waiting for an ad before seeing what I want to see is a pain. What’s worse is the ads are too long and way too intrusive. I feel like I’m at a movie and someone’s big head is intentionally being placed in my way. I think ads will get less intrusive when marketers realize people who are annoyed won’t buy stuff.

So this is an experiment to see how monetization works. I have original content that I create to help people solve problems that I solved after pulling out all my hair. My goal is to prevent self-inflicted hair loss.

I also have analytics and I’ll be able to see if my users drop from these adds. They leave comments and if the comments are overwhelmingly negative, I’ll ‘subtract’ the ads. The users are why I do this, not that ads. If that changes, I’ve lost my way… Where am I again?

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