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I have a rule about this blog. If something technical takes me 3 or more hours to fix, I must blog about it. Maybe my lessons learned will save you time.

I came up with an idea to hook my mac air up to my TV. Several years ago I bought this plasma TV. Back then I was the coolest guy on the block. We had parties based around that TV. But as with all technology the plasma TV died and was replaced by the LCD TV. Don’t laugh LCD users, your time will be up right around the corner. Have you heard about OLED?

So I moved to a new place and lugged this heavy, effectively obsolete tv, to my new diggs. I didn’t have the heart to get rid of it. Now it stares at me like an old dog sitting in the corner. All the new TVs have HDMI cables that PCs can easily connect to. Not my Plasma. Analog only. I went online and saw that Apple had a connector but as with many Mac products, it was too expensive. So I searched Amazon and found a cheaper alternative. It had free shipping but look how long Amazon made me wait for this product to arrive from China. The ironic thing is they gave me free shipping but I bet they literally shipped this product across the ocean to get to me.

Amazon’s lame customer service. You want me to wait this long? Really?

Today I opened up my mailbox and finally received my package. I ran upstairs to hook my laptop up to my plasma. I got some ideas from this video post but I don’t recommend you watch it as the presenter is a bit heavy handed and his long video is not edited. You see everything. He even has a clip of him spinning the camera while filming. Not for the faint of heart, to say the least.

  1. I hooked an analog to analog cable from the plasma to the connector.
  2. Then hooked the connector into my Plasma.
  3. I then used the side of the Plasma (it is a Pioneer) to select PC input.
  4. I didn’t want my mac book air open while I typed on the TV so I found this cool link that shows you how to use ‘clamshell mode’ on your mac.
    1. My tip for clam shell mode is make sure your laptop is plugged in or it will not work (it took me 20 minutes to figure that out).

When I saw my Mac Air screen on my plasma screen, I got emotional.

  1. I adjusted the display settings in the Mac preferences.
  2. I found that if I scaled the display, it looked strange. I didn’t check the scale checkbox and used the natural display option.
    1. There is lots of space on the left and right of my plasma screen but it looks better this way than the other way.

I looked at my wireless connections and found that my network was the only unprotected network on the list of wireless connections. Also my wireless name was the only one that was generic. My ‘linksys’ was so boring compared to one of my neighbors ‘Conan!’. The thought of neighbors being funnier than me was one thing but the thought of my whole block using my free bandwidth was unbearable. I tried to reset my router and screwed up royally.
This wasted 2 hours of my life. Here’s what I learned. This article shows you how to connect your router properly.

Regarding which encryption you should use? Use WPA2. Read here for more info.

Since my phone was using the old wireless connection, I had to reset that too with my new password.

But after 3 hours I now am very happy. I’m proud of myself for not going insane.

My next task is hooking the TV speakers into my Mac. Stay tuned for info on how that went.

I guess the only way to end this rambling blog that will probably only be used by me (when I screw this up again in a year) is to type:

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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