Powerball Simulator – Teach yourself not to play

The last time there was a huge lottery a buddy of mine brought me into a 7-11 store and convinced me to play the Powerball where we could possibly win 300 million dollars. Everyone in line was super excited. They were laughing and smiling and talking about all the things they would do when they won the big prize. I really enjoyed being there and seeing man’s goodwill toward man. I kind of got sucked up in the whole things and was telling someone I would probably buy a jet propulsion pack and fly around the grand canyon. Sadly, I, and all of them, didn’t win. That was the first lottery ticket I bought for myself (Sometimes I bought them for my mom or sister because they asked me to). I will never buy another one.

Shall We Play A Game?

Why? Well do you remember this scene from War Games? Well that was the computer that was going to blow up the world… until it was taught that it could never win (in this scene)

If a computer can learn that no one can win an all out Nuclear War then I hope this web site can teach you not to play Powerball.

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