British Monarchy's Minority Report

Prince William With Serena and her Mom

While indulging in several meals over the holiday I was bombarded by several conversations involving the marriage of the future King of England, Prince William. I thought of a question while I watched several women fawning over a magazine featuring William on the front cover. If anyone has the answer to this please share.

Here’s my question: Have any minorities been in the Royal family since 827 AD? In all those years, I’m sure there was but in my research, I could not find any history of minorities in the Royal Family.  (source: In 827 AD, Northumbria submitted to Egbert of Wessex at Dore. It has been claimed that Egbert thereby became the first king to reign over a united England, however briefly.)

Will win 2010 Oscar

While I haven’t seen all the front runners, if any of the movies are better than this, I can’t wait to see them. This was a perfect movie. It was character driven and all the awkward scenes were diffused nicely with touches of comedy.

As a person who has problems speaking in public, this movie hit home. I highly recommend it.