The future of Responsive Images

This is a topic that has grown into a very complex topic. Img tags in traditional HTML were simple. You gave it a width and height and off you went on your own coding way. But now we don’t know what image we want to share with what device. What is the screen size? What is the density? What is the bandwidth?

Currently, we can use JavaScript to do some cool things with serving the images we want but it appears in the near future we might have a srcset attribute for the image tag that could shake things up. This article tells you more about this discussion.

[cc lang=”html”]cool image[/cc]

The above code will let the useragent decide which image to serve.

no new html elements
backwards compatible

But there is also a competing proposal for a picture element (similar to how the video element works)

The web is changing fast and we are all just kind of making up the rules as we go along. Like or not, it is just how things are and we’re going to have to keep our eyes and ears open to figure out how this is going to work.

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