Screencast: View Your Files in the Browser with Sublime Text 2 (ST2)

So you’re using ST2 and you just want to see your html file in the browser. Is there a simple ‘run’ button you click? No. Can you add the functionality to ST2? Of course. How? Watch the screencast below.

How to add an 'open browser window' shortcut to ST2

I’m a newbie with ST2, so if anyone has any extra tips please add them in the comments below and share them with the community.

Sublime Kickstart (a collection of resources to help you quickly get comfortable with ST2)

3 Replies to “Screencast: View Your Files in the Browser with Sublime Text 2 (ST2)”

  1. Thanks for the screen cast, it was really helpful.
    Is there any setting/configuration which will load the file in same browser tab?
    right now every time i use this command it opens a new tab.
    I am on Windows7 and chrome is the default browser.

  2. Thank you! This is exactly what I was trying to do. Until I had this function, this program wasn’t complete for my workflow.

    Clear, concise instructions – and it worked!

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