Sublime 2 Shortcut not working and how to fix it

I love Sublime Text 2 and I bet if you’re reading this you do too. But one problem that drives me batty is shortcuts not working. They used to work and then one day (usually when you have a looming deadline) the shortcut that you use and love above all stops working. WTH! (What the heck! – PG rated site here folks)

Case in Point. My favorite ST2 shortcut is Multiple Cursors. I use it more than I think about the next season of Game Of Thrones. One day it just stopped working. Why? I assumed one of the awesome packages I installed added a shortcut that was in conflict with ST2’s native ctrl + command + g shortcut on OSX (macs) (alt + f3 on PCs). But which one? I have a ton of Packages.

I found the answer here.

In case you don’t feel like reading it, I’ll cut to the chase.

Open up your console in ST2 (control + `) on Macs (option + ` on PCs) and add these two lines:

Those two lines will save your life. Well, maybe that’s a bit of overstatement. But now you can use your shortcut and the console will tell you the keys you used and the command that was fired. That’s what I did and I found out the command fired was gist_list.

Gist is cool but I didn’t need it right now so the fastest way to rid me of this conflict was to uninstall the gist package. How do you uninstall packages? It’s super easy if you installed the Package Intaller.

Just hit commamd + shift + p and type ‘pack‘ and choose ‘Package Control: Remove Package‘.

That’s it! My keyboard shortcut was resolved and I now could use the multiple cursors keyboard shortcut til my heart’s content.

ctrl + command + g
ctrl + command + g
ctrl + command + g
ctrl + command + g
…ahhhh, I’m in heaven.

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