Sublime Text 2 Kick Start

I‘m going to try and keep this page as a one stop shop for getting up and running with ST2. It’s a work in progress, so please bare with me. Also let me know if I forgot something or need to add something.

note: Use this key symbol chart for understanding the mac shortcuts

action keyboard shortcut(mac) keyboard shortcut(pc) special notes
show/hide sidebar cmd + k, cmd + b ctrl + k, ctr + b This is a two key shortcut
paste code formatted as you coded it cmd + shift + v

? I like this. Instead of copy and pasting and then having to indent, use this and you won’t have to waste time indenting
commands list cmd + shift + p ctrl + shift + p
multi-cursor cmd + click ctrl + click everywhere you click you get a new cursor!
switch project ctrl + cmd + K read this to see why this is useful
Jumping to symbols cmd + P ctrl + P To quickly jump to specific symbols. Type shortcut to open up a search field. Type in your symbol and press enter.
Quick Opening File  shift + cmd + T (lowercase L) shift + ctrl + T(lowercase L) Super Awesome Feature. Open a textfield that lets you search for files within a project to open. You’ll rarely ever have to use the file tree again.
multi-cursor ‘and 1’ (aka ‘select similar word’) cmd + d ctrl + d to select addi­tional occur­rences of that word
multi-cursor ‘on steroids’ ctrl + cmd + g alt + f3 selects every occurrence of what you have highlighted (my personal favorite!)
go to anything cmd + p ctrl + p After typing shortcut, type a part of your file and it finds it fast
minify css/js f7 f7 Install the YUI Compressor plugin
auto completion ctrl + space ctrl + space
switch between open tabs  ctrl + tab Hate using your mouse and clicking on open tabs? Use this shortcut and you can quickly navigate between tabs without a mouse.
open last closed file cmd + shift + t ctrl + shift + t If you accidentally close a file that you’d like to reopen, If you keep pressing that key combo, ST2 will continue opening tabs in the order that you closed them.
go to specific line ctrl + g ctrl + g
splits screen alt+shift+1,2,3,4,5 Splits screen for multiple views for multiple files
Jumping between word segments cmd+right arrow ctrl+right arrow you move by word segment – this is camel-case (and underscore) aware.
find and replace shift + cmd + F shift + ctrl + F search the contents of an entire ST project
Jumpling between words/lines alt + arrow keys alt + arrow keys On Macs and PCs, if you hold down Alt while using the arrow keys, you jump between words rather than characters. On Macs, Similarly, if you hold down Cmd while using arrow keys, you jump from the opposite end of a line. Very useful for quickly navigating code without your mouse.
find cmd + f ctrl + f
duplicate line cmd + shift + d shift + ctrl + d Duplicates the current line, or the selection, if something is selected.
delete current line cmd + shift + k + delete ctrl + shift + k
toggle full view ctrl + shift + f
toggle distraction free mode ctrl + shift + cmd + f shift + f11 If you are using a PC and this keyboard shortcut isn’t working – read this.
toggle comment cmd + /
toggle block comment opt + cmd + /
show console opt + ` ctrl + ` backtic is ` and same key has tilda ~ (keys people see a lot but don’t know)
wrap with tag opt + shift + w alt + shift + w highlight what you want wrapped and presto, it’s wrapped!
move line ctrl + cmd + up/down ctrl + shift + up/down
zen coding(plugin) ctrl + option + return ctrl + alt + enter you will see koan box appear on bottom (enter zen coding there)
Note: You should remove Zen Coding and Upgrade to Emmet now. Emmet is the new Zen Coding and will be updated. Zen Coding is dead. RIP. The shortcut to get Emmet to wrap around is ctrl + shift + g (PC)
AutoFileName(plugin) cmd + spacebar ctrl + spacebar a better way is to edit the User settings file and the file/folder name will be populated by typing ‘/’.
AdvancedNewFileName(plugin) cmd + alt + n ctrl + alt + n (if that doesn’t work try shift + ctrl + alt + n a better/faster way to create folders/files
prefixr ctrl + cmd + x ctrl + alt + x just type one prefix, use this shortcut and all the others are magically added – awesome!
JsFormat(plugin) cmd + shift + p (and then select Format:JavaScript) ctrl + shift + p (and then select Format:JavaScript) I can’t get the keyboard shortcut to work? any ideas/suggestions appreciated

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  1. Very helpful post! However on the “show console” shortcut, you have the mac and pc shortcuts mixed up. Also, you have the Ctrl+D shortcut listed twice with two different titles.

    Other than that, amazing!

  2. Hello,

    I went to your site and translated Polish to English but had some problems with the translation. I see you are talking about Sublime and other editors. Might I suggest you start doing some screencasts? It really helps people see what you are talking about and I believe it is a great way to learn. Two free sites I are and You could also download Jing from I did a blog on this.

  3. Hi!
    As many others I fell in love (he he) with Sublime Text. But also in the beginning (as many others) could not start off with it in a convenient way; I think it’s quite normal and obvious when adopting to a new app.
    What I missed was lack of a chart like yours! I appreciate your effort, thank you!
    It’s a great job and I’m sure it’s very helpful for all the starters and SL lovers :)
    Keep up good work!

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