Sublime Text 2 Tip: How to switch Projects quickly

This is a tip you will use a lot.

Why would you want to switch projects?

Take this as an example. I completed a Twitter Bootstrap tutorial and I took copious notes. Now I’m working on a project where I’m going to implement Twitter Bootstrap. I created a Project for that Twitter Bootstrap site and created a bunch of .html files with examples of each Twitter Bootstrap item (i.e. I have a file with pill navigation. I have a file showing all the different types of buttons. Lists, Pagination… You get the idea). So, I need to quickly access the other project to help refresh my mind about Twitter Bootstrap and how it works. So to snap quickly between ST2 Projects, the keyboard shortcut is option + command + P (Mac). Then just choose your project and Presto! You are looking at a different Project ( this is an important tutorial to read to understand how to create projects in ST2 ). Now you can easily switch back and forth.

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