Scrolling in Vintage Mode in Sublime Text

Throw away your mouse and enjoy the world of Vintage Mode which replicates the old school way of code editing. At first it’s annoying but give it time and your productivity will skyrocket.

I ran into a problem with scrolling up. Navigating around if H, J, K, L is cool but sometime you want a faster way to do this and that’s where scrolling comes into play. Scroll down has a keyboard shortcut of ctrl + y and that works fine but scrolling up’s keyboard shortcut is ctrl + e and that didn’t scroll instead it looked like it expanded the code where my cursor was. I know when this happens that I have a keyboard shortcut conflict but where? I used a neat package called ‘FindKeyConflict’ and that showed me that emmet was the problem because it had a keyboard shortcut ctrl + e that expanded the abbreviation. I then had to figure out how to turn this off and that is where I found this link. This told me to open my Emmet.sublime-settings file and put in this code:

[cc lang=”js”]{“disabled_keymap_actions”: “expand_abbreviation, update_image_size”}[/cc]

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