How Accessible is your web site?

If you don’t know, run your web site through WAVE and it will give you an idea how accessible your site really is.

If you don’t think accessibility is important, just ask Target what they think about it after they lost a legal battle for $6 million dollars back in 2008.

You probably want to know about 508 compliance. Here is a good article on why web designers should consider 508 compliance. Here is a 508 compliant checklist.

You probably should dig into a little ARIA. But if you’re like me, that article is a little too much info at one time. I found this article on ARIA a little more digestible.

Now after you did all that and made the appropriate changes to your site. Run your website through WAVE again.

Web Accessibility Tester

I am currently building a site for a government agency. When the government is concerned, accessibility isn’t just a novelty item, it’s the law.

Don’t believe me? Check out:

And on public companies, Target had to pay millions because of a lawsuit against the usability of their website.

Now that I have your attention, here is a tool to get your sites up to speed with accessibility. I tested my blog on that site and I found accessibility issues.