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Humans are being pushed to the brink with stuff they are supposed to remember. Well, don’t fret because there is no way can remember it all. Take all those memory courses you want but at the end of the day, you’ll probably be more productive if you just accept that memorization is a waste of time. All you need to know is where to find the answer when you hear the question. If you do you’ll be successful in this world that seems to bombard us with technology every chance it gets. Fight back with cheat sheets.

PC to Mac: Transformitis: The Delete key vs the Backspace key

I type XXXXX this sentence and notice that for some strange reason I have ‘XXXXX’ in my sentence. I need to delete it. On a PC, I place my cursor before the XXXXX and delete away. But on a Mac it deletes backwards. This minor difference was killing me. Maybe it’s my old age.

I found out if I hold the function key, it works like a charm and deletes forward (when I hold it down and press the delete key!).

Other missing PC keys (great to remove them from the Mac keyboard because it frees up space and clutter). can be found at this very helpful little blog post.

None of my function keys (F1 – F12) work with the exception of the ESC key. They worked fine yesterday, but now they don’t. How can I remedy this?

I was using Dreamweaver and my F keys were not working. It really was a pain. I found the solution and it was rather silly.

Check to see if you have a F Lock Key in the upper right-hand side of your Keyboard.

(this is what the F Lock Key looks like)

I accidentally pressed the F lock key. I just pressed it again and the universe was one again.