Installing Software on Mac Air

I had some problems with this as my Mac Air (yes I finally switched to the dark side and bought a Mac!) does not have a CD/DVD built in.

There is plenty of tutorials on how to install software. The easiest way is through the ‘cloud’ but I have Microsoft Office on CD and Adobe Master Suite on DVD. How can I install them?

You can install them and how you install them turns out to be pretty cool. My Desktop computer is a PC so I was happy to know that I can get my Mac Air and my PC to play nice. It took me 10 minutes to install Microsoft Office remotely and I just followed the instructions I’m giving you.

  1. Make sure your Mac and PC our on the same network. I have a router at home and both computers are using the router.
  2. Go to this URL:
    1. I followed the instructions for Windows 7 but if your host computer is a Mac, expand the arrow beside Mac OS X.
  3. On the PC that you want to share the disc from, download and install the DVD or CD Sharing Update 1.0 for Windows.
  4. Just follow the rest of the instructions in #2 above and you should be good to go.
  5. Once the software is installed, you can then open your air and find ‘Remote Disc’ (you should see this if you open Applications (on the bottom left) ).
  6. Click the computer inside Remote Disc and begin the software install of what you want to install on your Mac Air.

I must say hearing my PC DVD player spinning and running and watching the software getting installed on my Mac Air was pretty darn cool. What’s next with technology? Time Machines?


Where does Firefox store extensions on Mac/PC?

I teach at several schools. I wish I could tell the schools to install Firefox extensions on the computer (like Firebug and Web Developer) but alas, this is not possible. So the next best thing is to show the students how to install extensions before class begins and it saves some time.

The folder where extensions are stored on Mac:
~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/[profile name]/extensions

If you want to back up all your Firefox personal information on a Mac:

The folder where extensions are stored on PC:
C:\Documents and Settings\Windows user name\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles. The profile with the “extension” .default should be yours. (When you download firefox extensions, they are put in this folder. So you just have to copy this folder replace the extensions folder on a Mac or PC and it will save you from having to keep reinstalling firefox plugins on multiple computers)

Parallels for Mac

If you want to run Windows 7 on a Mac, here’s how you do it. I received great feedback on this from a student.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of Parallels before ( Its a virtualization software for Mac.  I have Windows 7 installed on a bootcamp partition on my mac for some time but it always required rebooting my Mac into Windows.  But with this software it runs Windows on a virtual machine within Mac OS X. What’s even cooler is that windows apps and windows mingle with Mac OS X apps and windows.  They just show up as an app in the dock.
I’m pretty impressed by it, just wanted to share…

I don’t have a Mac (but I’ve been thinking of getting one :) ) so I haven’t tried it. Anyone try this out and have an opinion?

(Thanks J.W.)