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If you are a developer you have to check Chris Coyier’s latest experiment. Very cool stuff Chris. I think this has lots of potential.


According to Chris:

┬áIt’s an app focused on education and inspiration for web designers. There is a code editor where you can literally write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and create little demos (we call ‘Pens’) and save them. Other people can then check out your demos and ‘fork’ them (make a copy on their own account) and change them. Then there is the whole social layer, where you can ‘heart’ things (another way of remembering them for later as well as giving props), comment on them, follow other designers you like, and more.

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Sound Etiquette

Lately, I’ve been working with sound on websites a lot. Sadly, many clients just think it’s great to add unique sounds to their site. Here is a nice article I have clients read to let them know about the pros and cons of using sound on a web site (and also some useful tips).

Note: The article is a bit dated (anything over a week seems to be dated these days) but the crux of the article’s info is still pertinent today.