How do I speed up my WordPress site?

My WordPress blog was super slow. I read this, followed it’s instructions and wow! I am really impressed with how fast it is.

So what did I do?

First check to see if you site is slow and what grade it gets. Got to Here’s what I started with:starting web site grade.

After I made the changes, here is my web site grade:
after making optimization here is my web site grade

The page size decreased. The files requested decreased. Surprisingly, the page load time increased but it really seams like it loads faster.

I never heard of before and here is an article on who they are and what they do.

I think if you read these articles you will learn some important lessons about speed and a web site. I also think it will speed up you site. If it doesn’t, you can just uninstall it.

If you do end up trying it, let me know if it helps.

Ideas for Sketching Websites and turning them into buying a new car

  1. You want to build a website.
  2. Don’t open photoshop just yet.
  3. Sketch your site.
    • No pen.
    • Use a pencil with an eraser.
    • Don’t think of what you can and can’t do. Let your imagination go free and you’ll be amazed at what ideas you come up with.
    • Later on, you can quickly refine this sketch into a wireframe that is more plausible with your current skill set.

Here is a great site showing lots of different sketch ideas. I particularly like the sketches with arrows that show what the site will do. This is the behavior of the site (aka – JavaScript).

  1. Wireframe your sketch (use a site like
  2. Create a PSD of your wireframe
  3. Slice up your psd into the images you’ll use for your site
  4. Code the HTML structure of your PSD
  5. Code the CSS of your PSD
  6. Code the JavaScript of your PSD
  7. Implement your code inside a CMS like WordPress (custom theme WordPress)
  8. Collect your check
  9. Buy that new car you wanted with the check you just received :)