How to move files using OS Terminal

Using the mouse is slowing you down. If you use the terminal, life as a coder gets better because you get stuff done faster.

How to move a folder to another folder using the Finder in OSX – the slow way

  1. Open Finder
  2. Copy the folder you want – Command + C
  3. Find the place you want to move to
  4. Paste the folder – Command + V

Copy vs Cut

But that makes two copies of the folder and all of it’s containing files/folders which is super inefficient. So you need to cut and paste. So you should do this:

  • Command + C copies the files or documents, note they won’t be ‘cut’ yet
  • Command + Option + V pastes the documents into the new location, cutting it from the prior locating and moving it to the new location

A Better Way

How to move files with OS Terminal

$ sudo mv /Library/StartupItems/Broadbandoptimizer/ ~/Desktop

Input your user password when prompted.

The Terminal will be your best friend. Trust me.

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