Running A Local Webserver From A Dropbox Folder on OS X

On Macs we usually use the Sites folder to test stuff like PHP. It really isn’t straight forward because of permissions and changes in how Mac did things from previous OS systems and Mountain Lion.

To avoid this, many developers run MAMP and with one download and click, the AMP stack is installed (Apache, PHP, MySQL). This is cool and easy but the people at MAMP aren’t doing a good job with keeping PHP up to it’s latest version so many developers who want to dig into PHP5 are manually installing the AMP stack.

I did this and it wasn’t very straight forward because Mac comes preinstalled with PHP and MySQL but you need to update them. I eventually got it working but it was kind of a pain. Thanks to various people on the Internet, I figured it out.

I started working with Laravel and it needed a crypt file enabled. That took some figuring out. I apologize for rambling but this local development can be time consuming but if you are diligent you will figure it out.

So what is the post about again? Oh yeah. If you are working with your Sites and you want to sym link it to a Sites folder on your Dropbox, this is how you do it:

[cc]ln -s ~/Sites ~/Dropbox/Sites[/cc]

Now everything you work with in your Sites folder will be backed up on Dropbox.

If you want to create a virtual host so your dev links will be easy to read and you don’t know how to handle the hosts file and the vhosts file, this article will help you out.

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