AMP it up! Installing a Server

Setting up a Local Server

So you want to test your site out locally. That is what AMP is all about. It is commonly referred to as the AMP stack because it involves installing the Apache server, the MySQL database and PHP as a server side langauge. All 3 together is like Voltron but you can just call it AMP. You may hear people say LAMP (the ‘L’ is for Linux).

To manually install all three use this link to get started.

Why manually install AMP?

It’s kind of a slow, tedious process but I found it helped me solve problems down the road. I’m going to show how to install XAMPP and MAMP which do it all with a few clicks but if everything is done for you, you don’t really get an idea of what is happening. At least once in your life you should try being a vegitarian as well as manually installing AMP.

Let’s quickly tell you about the following:

MAMP: Installing the AMP stack on Macs

note: you don’t need to install PRO MAMP. That costs money.

WAMP: Installing the AMP stack on Windows

XAMPP: (for both Macs and PCs)

(download for MAC)

(download for PC)

note: If you want to install Drupal, check out DAMP.

Which one is right for me?

They all do the same thing so pick one.

Installing XAMP on PC

Here’s how to install XAMPP on a PC.

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