Compass, Sass and Codekit – Solution to a silly mistake

One of my least favorite things is wasting hours on something that is truly silly. Here is one such instance. I am embarrassed to blog about it but maybe this post will save someone the time I wasted.

I am using codekit and love it. It really makes writing CSS fun again. But in my project I decided to create some static html pages with css to make sure the client approved them before I brought it into WordPress and custom-themed it. I used the Sublime Text 2 fetch package to import WordPress and here is where I made my mistake. I added the entire WordPress folder to codekit and I was getting an error that it could not read the @import “compass”; line. I wasted hours (and I mean) hours searching for it. It should have been a hint when no one else had the error that it most likely was me doing something silly.

The solution is to point codekit to your theme folder and not the entire WordPress folder.

I finally stopped using MAMP on my Mac and manually installed an update to PHP. I don’t have phpmyadmin yet but I may use something else. I downloaded Apache and MySQL so the AMP stack is in place.

I am using git but I had a problem I think because I’m using a Dropbox folder that is synced to a mac and a pc. I was pushing it to github and using deployhq to FTP it to my subdomain test site. But something got corrupted and I think it is because of Dropbox.

I also tried to symlink MySQL to my dropbox folder but I kept getting permission denied. I gave up after a few hours wasted.

I found out how to bring Sites folder back and make it the root of my server. I also figured out the /etc/hosts file and the vhosts file to create a virtual host. Now instead of MAMP’s localhost:8888 and pointing to htdocs as my server root, I now make up any domain I want (I match it to my client) something like

Not sure where to file all this so I just wrote a blog to myself so I could remember this painful weekend of learning and losing. But in the end, isn’t that how we learn the cool stuff? We wade through the nonsense until we find the gems. Moments of clarity come slow but when they do, it makes it all worth it.

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