Difference Between ‘vendor’ Folder and ‘libs’ folder

I’m trying to make sure my site is set up with consistent folder names. I used to throw jQuery and other similar libraries into the ‘libs’ folder. Now I see they name it ‘vendor’.

I would say it doesn’t matter and that the two are interchangeable but this article explain why that may not be the case.

I think it is a courtesy toward vendors created by sites like HTML5boilerplate and Symphony to make sure they are not taking credit for another vendor’s work. It would get lost in a ‘libs’ folder. Putting it inside a ‘vendor’ folder makes it known that that code comes from a third party. Something tells me there was a meeting one day that said ‘Hey, let’s call this folder ‘vendor’ from now on”.

Regardless, I saw this new name popping up and decided to blog about it.

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