How much time is in my Quicktime movie?

Have you ever been watching a Quicktime movie and wondered how much time is in the video you are watching? There is no way that shows it like windows media players shows it (by default it doesn’t show you this but if you click directly on the time in Windows Media Player you’ll see it):

show current and duration of movie playing on windows media player

Quicktime doesn’t have this feature (and if it does I couldn’t find it online anywhere). All Quicktime shows you is this:

quicktime's way of showing movie time

Many of the movies I watch look better in Quicktime but I hate not seeing the duration of the movie. If you press command + i (ctrl + i on a PC), you will see a window that shows you the duration of the movie but it is not the most user friendly way of doing it.

Movie Inspector for Quicktime
Movie Inspector for Quicktime

Hopefully in a future version of Quicktime, they can improve this.

Oh, another thing I don’t like about Quicktime. The default volume is way too loud. It is killing my eardrums. Am I the only one?

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