Learn Backbone.js

You would think that I work for Nettuts for the number of times I recommend an article written by them. I assure you that I haven’t received one check from them. Why I recommend the articles is because I read them and liked them.

Jeffrey Way takes on Backbone.js and he is gifted as a teacher. He breaks down complex issues and makes them digestible to even the greenest web neophyte. He is only 27 and he is quickly teaching the masses how to do really cool stuff on the web. Check out his videos on how to use Backbone.js. I’m half way through the videos and loving them.

Half the video are free. Check them out and if you like, you’ll have to sign up for a month. It’s worth it if you ask me.

With all the new stuff coming out we can’t learn it all. We need to sit back and find out what stuff will stick around for awhile. Backbone.js is here to stay. Worth learning.

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