Make Dreamweaver CS6 have a dark code background color

I just upgraded to CS6 and my code coloring (because I changed it before) is wack.

I like the built in responsive design tools for Dreamweaver so I need to make the code coloring dark and easy on the eyes (like the great Sublime Text 2!).

To accomplish this task you need to do 3 things:

1. Download this xml file: Colors.xmlColors
(note: after you download it, change it’s name to Colors.xml)
(note2: I was blocked from uploading xml so this was my work around)
(make sure you keep a backup of your original in case you want to go back)

2. Find your local config file for Dreamweaver CS6 and save the Colors.xml inside it.

Here’s mine (alter yours accordingly)

C:\Users\philip\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Dreamweaver CS6\en_US\Configuration\CodeColoring

3. change your default code background color
Ctrl + u to get to the Preferences
Choose the ‘Code Coloring’ Category
Set the default background color to: #252A32

That’s it. Dreamweaver should now have a dark background in the code editor.

17 Replies to “Make Dreamweaver CS6 have a dark code background color”

  1. Much appreciated! If you want the font to look similar to Sublime switch the “Code View” font to “Consolas” 10 pt size by going into Preferences (Ctrl+U) and then clicking on the “Fonts” category.

  2. You are the best!!!
    I hope one day Dreamweaver will change the color also if you type a variable in php like this: {$var}
    Good job!

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