Make External Hard drive work on Mac and PC

I love music and have meticulously collected music I like over the last decade. All the CD’s I had, I converted to MP3’s and every new song I purchased I organized on my external hard drive. After two years, I bought a new hard drive and transferred the music because I was afraid of a hard drive crash. I uploaded many songs to Google Music but it just took so long. It was faster than Amazon Music but I’m fearful that soon they will be charging to hold my music so I keep storing it on hard drives. I was getting a bit lazy and one time I tried to access my hard drive and it did not work. I nearly had a heart attack.

I took the hard drive (like it was patient rushing to the hospital) to my local computer shop. The guys are good at this shop but their personal skills are so bad. Asking them questions is torture because their answers are always over my head and when I pepper then with more questions, they lose patience and talk down to me. They do such a good job that I put up with it.

He saved my hard drive but it cost $20 because he had to open the case. Then he found it was a power supply issue so he just moved the hard drive to another shell and that cost me $30. I asked if I should get another hard drive and he said he would because it’s over 2 years and that’s when he buys a new hard drive because “they don’t make hard drives like they used to.” I asked for a recommendation and he said WD Black are made well and have 5 year warranties. So I bought that and a case for it. It came to $179.

I brought it home and thought all I had to do was plug it in and I was good to go. Nope. I had to build it. It wasn’t that bad. Here’s how.

Then I turned on my PC and didn’t see it? Was it bad? Nope. I had to partition it. The instructions for doing this were long winded on a PC. I also have a Mac and wanted it to work on both. This took some time to find but partition on a Mac was easier and faster on a Mac. Here’s how.

Now I can use my Mac and PC to save and read stuff to my external Hard Drive. I wish I had this post when I did this. It would have saved me a couple hours of running in the dark. Hope it helps you.

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