Moving WordPress to a new server

If you are like me, you test locally on MAMP, WAMP or XAMPP. At one point you need to take your WordPress site and move it to your live server. It is imperative that you follow the proper steps. I’ve blown up the database, lost files, made lots of mistakes and pulled out lots of my hair.

Save yourself lots of frustration by just following the instructions in this well written overview of moving your server from a local computer to a live server.

Note: even after following these great instructions I ran into some problems.

I develop on a testing server using XAMPP and when I uploaded the files, I was still getting http://localhost in my file paths. I thought I did a find and replace in my SQL file and I thought I did a find and replace in my php files but it still didn’t work right. I think visited the permalinks page and clicked the update button to update my .htaccess file but it didn’t work. I looked around the net and found the following solutions:

Here is a video explaining the problem and offering 2 solutions

The URL is below for reference:

bottom line: best solution is to go into your live server phpmyadmin and alter the wp_options database table (home and siteurl… just set them to your site’s domain… the video explains it great)

a quick fix (but not the best solution) is to add this to your wp-config.php file (after your database information)
/* this is a patch to make sure you are not viewing localhost
a better way is to change the database */
define(‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘’);
define(‘WP_HOME’, ‘’);

A two part video explains working with phpmyadmin in more detail as it concerns wordpress.
changing wordpress to a server:

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