My LinkedIn Password was stolen by a Russian!

LinkIn Password stolen email

We live in pretty scary times these days with lots of bad people, with bad intentions just an IP address away from us. I woke up this morning to find out my LinkedIn password was stolen.
If I look on the bright side I kind of won the lottery. There are 160 million users and I was one of the chosen 6.5 million users to have their passwords stolen. That it was stolen by a Russian brings back Cold War memories and Red Dawn flashbacks.

What is the big problem here?

This is letting the world know that using the same password for multiple sites is bad (and why using an app like LastPass might be a darn good idea because you can create super-hard passwords and store then in a super-well protected program). What is encryption? Read about it here.

The article mentions hashes like MD5 and SHA1. Read more about them here. And You might also want to look into a blog I did on Rainbow Tables.

What you should do

Change your linkedIn password and all other passwords that was the same as your linkedIn. Yes, it is a pain but this is the next step in web safety that we all have to do to keep one step ahead of the bad guys. If you don’t believe me that your LinkedIn password may be used on other sites ready about the poor eHarmony users that will not be feeling too harmonious right now.

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