Nuisance downloading jQuery

Not sure if this bothered you but it bothered me. You go to and click the button to download jquery and it takes you to a page with all the jquery. That’s to be expected but the problem resides in that button on the page. You know the button I’m talking about. This one.

download jquery button

I don’t want a page of jQuery because then I have to select all of the code, create a new file and save that file with the latest version number of jQuery. This is too many steps in a world where milliseconds add up. The usual solution is to right click the link and select ‘save link as’ and this gives you the option of saving the jQuery as a file with the version number built into it. That’s what I want but I don’t get it when I right click the button. I use Chrome as my default browser, then I think ‘hey, let’s try to see if Firefox does this right’. It doesn’t because of that button.

So, the solution came from this article. If you don’t want to read it, let me tell you to right click the checkbox for minified or production jQuery and you’ll be off and running.

This is a super small issue but lame usability issues like this from such a great product like jQuery is the equivalent of getting a Christmas present that you love but you can’t use it until you buy the batteries it needs to run. The petty point I am making here is ‘jQuery, include the batteries next time’. Apologies to all for my vent and I promise to be switching to decaf next week.

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