Screencast: Upgrade Your Video Card So OpenGL will work in Photoshop

Video cards scare most newbies to computers. What’s even scarier is videos online showing you how to upgrade video cards. Most of the videos I found had no one speaking and a techno concert playing in the background. It’s a shame because the info they were sharing was useful it just wasn’t a very friendly venue to learn in.

So I decided to do my own screencast on how to update a video card. I must apologize before you watch this because at the end, once my video card was updated, my monitors turned off and my app to film this screencast bugged out. The last minute of the video is off frame but it still gets the job done without resorting to using any techno background music.

My computer was state of the art a year and a half ago and OpenGL used to work with Photoshop but at some point it just stopped working. I’m glad I didn’t have to buy a new video card. All I had to do was upgrade it. The following video shows you how.

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