Use Alfred to speed up your Web Development Workflow

First of all it is going to cost you £15 but I think it is worth it because it will save you minutes on your workflow. While Alfred is free and a must when working with Macs (because the native ‘Spotlight’ is an inferior product).

To be able to complete the following tutorial you’ll have to buy and install Alfred’s Powerpack. Once you do, they’ll send you an email with the licence number. Open up Alfred’s preferences and add the licence number and your email. Once you do that you’ll be ready to rock and roll. Jeffrey Way gives us a great introduction to a product that should be part of your everyday workflow as a Web Developer. Enjoy.

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  1. Wow that’s amazing! I’m already a huge Alfred fan and take advantage of the power pack, but I never thought to use it like that. Thanks for the share!

      1. I’ve always enjoyed having my iChat status set to my current music track. It works great with iTunes, but now I use Spotify most of the time, so I wrote an AppleScript to accomplish it, and I use Alfred to run the script.

        You can also set up Alfred to run a script using a global keyboard shortcut. I wrote a couple of scripts to control Spotify and then in Alfred assigned keyboard shortcuts to them.

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