Wireframe with Mockflow.com

If you need a free wireframe program, look no further. It is a Flash based online program that quickly gives you the ability to create a wireframe. The free account allows you to only work on one site. Once you are finished, you can have a wireframe that looks something like this (wireframe example created on mockflow.com).

Mockflow Review from TheWebSqueeze on Vimeo.

Unfortunately, the mockflow site doesn’t offer any training on its product but I found this video review that is a great overview on how it works (and makes a nice tutorial on how to use it). The sound quality isn’t the greatest but it’s the best video I found. Please leave comments if you find better video links.

While mockflow isn’t the only wireframe tool out there (there are many), it sure works well.

Here are other useful wireframe tools:
Wireframing with Fireworks
Google Puts the Blue into Wireframing
Wireframe application
Create a wireframe from any page

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  1. If you do a lot of wireframing, you should check out OmniGraffle. The software is very powerful and makes wireframing a breeze. I use it almost every single day at work. It’s not free but the feature set makes it worth it. They offer a free trial so it’s definitely worth checking out. The difference with something like OmniGraffle compared to other offerings, esp the web ones, is that it offers tools that speed up your workflow considerably. Some of the features I like are: shared layers, copy as PDF for objects (allows similar functionality to shared layers but with objects, edit once, change appear everywhere), make clickable interactive PDFS for rapid prototyping, and scripting and variables (great for generating table of contents, added page numbers and titles)… Just to name a few. They also offer Education discounts for students and faculty on their website.

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