Yeoman – The New Frontier for Web Apps

Imagine creating HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter bootstrap from the command line. Not only that (and a whole lot of other cool things like backbone.js, Sass and a bunch of other cool toys) but you also can compress all your JavaScript into one line and one file (and do the same with your CSS) and optimize all of your site images would cut your bandwidth usage by over 50 percent!.

The closest we were to this before was Paul Irish’s build script from the HTML5 boilerplate site. Now Yeoman does all of that and way more. Paul Irish is also involved in this project. Watch the video to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

I just spent two hours on this and got it working on Windows. Getting is working on a Mac is a lot simpler.

Here are the instructions for installing it on Windows.

Here is the link to talk more about Yeoman. The one thing the windows instructions is missing is getting the node.js server running. This link has the instructions on how to do that.

This is very cool and I think you will love all the time it will save you.

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