What is feedburner and should I use it?

Google owns feedburner and it’s purpose it to optimize your RSS feeds.

Feedburner can

  • track the use of your rss feeds
  • fix common problems
  • it is ideal for streamlining and republishing content
  • It’s free
  • provides detailed user and item usage statistics
  • can serve like a post office box

How do I use it?

  • Get your rss feed and then run it through feedburner.
  • Then run that new URL, the optimized URL that feedburner makes, and then publish that through the re-syndication services
  • Why would you do that?
    • Sometimes you can’t update which RSS feed is used
      • If you submit an iTunes feed, they only let you submit it once. What happens if your hosting company goes out of business and you have to move to a different server, you would lose all of your iTunes subscribers because you would have to submit a new feed and start a new podcast. But if you used feedburner, you take your rss feed, run it through feedburner and assign it a post office box. Then when you move you just update the post office box and it will continue to serve that new feed out to iTunes which will help you not lose any customers

Here is a video showing you how to change your WordPress feed to the optimized feedburner feed.

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