Add Captcha to WordPress

To be honest, I hate Captcha. How many times have filled in forms and I was greeted with these strange forms? What is that letter? Did I type it correctly? Darn! I didn’t. Now I have new strange characters that I have to decipher. This blows.

So why did I add this to my blog? I had to. I was getting tons of emails from strange named people. I thought they loved my site. I thought I was building a strong fan base with people that had emails ending in ‘pl’. But the sad truth is these people didn’t care about me. They weren’t even people. They were unthinking and unfeeling robots, blindly searching pages until they found a form they could fill out. How heartless!

So to stop this, I had to add the dreaded Captcha. The good news is after reading this link, it really is simple.

If you need to add Captcha, now you can. Just please don’t tell anyone I was the one that told you because I still want people to think I hate Captcha.

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