Screencast: Part 4: Install WordPress for a Custom WordPress Theme

When you download WordPress to your local server via MAMP or XAMPP you should rename that folder to whatever your site will be called. We called our simple-wordpress so that’s what I renamed the folder in the htdocs folder. The next thing you need to do is open your browser and browse to either http://localhost/simple-wordpress (xampp on pc) or http://localhost:8888/simple-wordpress (mamp on mac). One you enter the URL WordPress will be recognized and you will be presented with a page that will walk you through the WordPress installation. Once you come to the database page you’ll need to open phpMyAdmin and create a database. I named ours simple_wordpress. (note: I use an underscore because lowercase names separated by underscores is a common naming convention).

When you do a default install for MAMP or XAMPP you have a default super user. Here is the info you should use for each:


MAMP wordpress database info
MAMP wordpress database info


XAMPP wordpress database info
XAMPP wordpress database info

If you are worried about these passwords being lame and you are concerned about security don’t sweat it right now. This is just a local install. Most of the time when I build a site, it’s just me and although I don’t trust myself 100%, I think I’ll be OK with having super user rights on a site I am developing by myself. If you are working on a team and you fear sabotage, set up a new user for the database with a decent password. You should also get in the habit of backing up your database.

Finished Files


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