Screencast: Part 6: Theme Info and Theme Thumbnail for Custom WordPress Theme

If you ever looked at a theme on WordPress you’ll see info about the creator of the theme. How does WordPress know this info? It knows it because of a special comment you leave inside the style.css file that resides inside the root of your theme.

Here is what that comment looks like:
Theme Name: Simple WordPress
Theme URI:
Description: Super groovy WordPress theme
Author: wordpressdotorg
Author URI:

This info I pilfered from this excellent WordPress documentation on Theme Development.

Now if you view WordPress in the browser (with your current theme activated, you’ll see this info displayed). It may seem strange but WordPress using comments a lot to convey special meaning to your individual WordPress installation.

The next thing is create a thumbnail for your theme. The important info about this is the dimensions (300px x 225px) and the name (screenshot.png) and where it should be stored (in the root of your theme).

Once you have your theme info recorded and your thumbnail showing how cool your theme looks you are well on your way to selling your theme for millions of dollars. Well, I don’t think you’ll get that much for it but you never know…

Links Mentioned in Screencast

WordPress codex on Theme Development

Download the Finished Files here


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