Useful WordPress Plugins And Other Assorted Tips

Here are some plugins I found useful in my last project. (I’ll keep this as an ongoing list and add plugins as I find them. Please share your favorite plugins with short descriptions of what they do in the comments below.)

PS Disable Auto Formatting

WordPress was adding paragraphs all over the place and I don’t want it to. This plugin slaps WordPress’ hand and once installed it stops it from adding this annoying paragraphs.

Revision Control

Do you really want to clutter your database up with limitless revisions? It really is not needed and if Al Gore knew all this waste was going on in WordPress he probably would make a movie about it (jk Al – you get enough ribbing from everyone about your Internet comment and I shouldn’t be piling on here). Install this plugin and set your revisions to something reasonable like ‘store the last 3 revisions for pages and posts’. That should do the trick. I can see Al smiling now.

Why is WordPress asking me for my FTP when I’m installing/deleting plugins?

WordPress Permissions issues on Mac Mountain Lion while testing locally

Upgrade your host PHP to > 5

I had a site that worked locally. I put it live and all I saw was a ‘zero’ on the home page. Nothing but zero. I chatted online with their support and the answer was they had an old version of php. Just add a file with the phpinfo(); function in it and find out what php you are running. This host was running php 4.4? Once I upgraded, all was good. Here is the source material found on the WordPress codex.

How do I change my admin user name from ‘admin’ to something else?

This is a common question and you never want your admin name to be admin because anyone that wants to hack it will test that name first. Be smart, make your site more secure and just use another name. I develop with admin and a password of a12345 and then when I go live I make the admin and pwd more secure.

Create another administrator user and then login as new administrator user and delete “admin” user. When you delete the admin user, assign all his posts, pages to the new user. Simple.

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  1. Here are a few wordpress plugins that I find really helpful:

    WP Missed Schedule – This helps fix cron job errors that sometime popup with WP when you schedule posts for future dates
    W3 Total Cache – great caching features to help speed up your site. Also has great support for attaching a CDN to WP so that all file uploads are automatically put on the CDN and links are automatically updated
    Custom Post Type UI – provides a GUI for adding custom post types. no more messing around in the functions file
    Custom Field Template – Another great time saver that allows you to create persistant custom fields for posts and pages

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